On "Starting and Finishing a Fight"

Dear Mr. Mathews,

In launching the debate on Islam and Democracy during the forum, such reactions were to be expected, especially from a Tunisian audience. It awakens a Tunisian political schism that has cornered the political debate, the consensus on which (if we can afford to speak of consensus) remains fragile and for which the majority vote has not really decided (but does it ever really permit to decide ?).

Within and beyond the Tunisian context, some political groups push to a "laundering" of Islam in a context parasitized by the global religious terrorism, others, claiming that same context, want to remain in a secular context (especially in forum claiming itself as global).

Personally I would have completely accepted the initial paragraph on the "Shura" but I'm not completely disappointed by the paragraph finally adopted. And as a secular citizen living in Tunis but claiming myself as citizen of the world, I really do understand your discomfort.

Nevertheless and on different topics of the Tunis Declaration, I would have liked, as a member of the Tunisian Pirate Party, the paragraph on democracy's most excluded fringes to be more explicit: focus on youth, which in the Tunisian context is perhaps much more marginalized than women. Maybe also pointing some directions regarding new democracy tools, that might interest young people.

Best Regards.
Mohamed Anis Mekki



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